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Below, you will find samples of our work. In 28 years, there isn't much that we haven't recorded or worked on, in some manner or another. We have provided samples in rock, R&B, folk, bluegrass, easy listening, and rap. At the end, we've included samples of work that we don't know how to categorize. Please download them for your listening pleasure... enjoy!

To play a selection, just click on the Sample or the speaker. To download a file, just right-click on the words or speaker, and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As". You can then save the file to your computer.

Sample 1 Genre: Pop/R&B :56


Park Peters: Always Warm in L.A.
This song is featured on the album titled Because You Asked, which is available for sale at

Sample 2 Genre: Jazz :57


Park Peters: How High the Moon
This song was recorded live on the album A Magical Evening at Wells, which is available for sale through Audio Park Recording.

Sample 3 Genre: Japanese Folk 1:03


Akemi Iwase: Snow Moon
This song is not yet available, but will appear on Akemi's next album from Columbia Japan.

Sample 4 Genre: Traditional Hispanic 1:00


Mariachi Colorado featuring Juan Chavez.
This song is not yet available for purchase.

Sample 5 Genre: Jazz :57


Karen Karsh: This Can't be Love.
This song was recorded live with the Audio Park Mobile Studio and is available exclusively through Karen's website at

Sample 6 Genre: Metal :59


Axial: I'm Broke
This song can be found on the album titled Dread at the Broken Road, which is available for purchase at

Sample 7 Genre: Modivational Speaker 1:00


Mark MacIntosh: Run to Daylight
This is available exclusively through Mark's website at

Sample 8 Genre: Acoustic Rock 1:01


Barry Ebert: One Ocean
This song is featured on the album Headed Home and can be purchased at Barry's website

Sample 9 Genre: Easy Listening, Mature 1:01


Kristina Welling: Mary's Dance
This song featured on the album Wreath of Wind and can be purchased exclusively through Kristina's website at

Sample 10 Genre: Rap/R&B 1:03


Tony Carter: If the Drawers Don't Fall
This song is not yet available.

Sample 11 Genre: Bluegrass


Kit's Old Town Pickin' Parlor String Band: Misery River
This song is not available for purchase.

That Was Bad Genre: Various 3:42


Disclaimer: This sample is NOT for the faint of heart. Here is a sampling of our least favorite sessions, yet somehow they have found a way to stay fresh in our memories. Sadly, all of these projects were recorded at Audio Park Recording. The good news is that you don't have to listen to the entire sessions. NOT available for purchase. After you take a listen, you'll know why.

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